Jessica Simpson Got a Photo of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash, Which was Very Close to Her House

It’s only been a day since Kobe Bryant’s tragic death and people are still trying to come to grips with how to process it. Bryant wasn’t a perfect person and we don’t really know how to deal with the loss of someone who wasn’t perfect but was also not a bad person and who brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

Jessica Simpson has some very nice words about Kobe Bryant on her Instagram, along with a picture her husband Eric Johnson took of the crash from their back yard, as the helicopter went down right by their house.

I’m not religious, but I’m not going to begrudge people that are when they’re trying to help people cope with tragedy.

That has to be crazy; seeing a helicopter crash like that’s out your window is probably a punch in the gut, then finding out “oh, I just watched a sports hero die.”

It’s a nice picture and a nice sentiment from Simpson.

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