Kim Kardashian doesn’t have a sex tape

Kim Kardashian

Yesterday, AOL-BV put out a blind item which basically said a sex tape of Ray-J and the big breasted Kim Kardashian would be released.

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Sources say a certain R&B singer, who has never really caught a major break, is peddling an X-rated home video to adult entertainment companies in hopes that it will do for his career what it has done for Paris Hilton’s. I’m also told that said singer believes that releasing the video will serve as revenge to his ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him for another entertainer.

Ani from Hollyscoop talked to Kim and confirmed that the rumors are false and that Ray-J would never do that to her. Who the hell is Ray-J? I can’t be that out of the loop. In any case, Kim’s got the cans, but the face could use a little work. I would have given this porno a B- because honestly, I’d masturbate to just about anything. A bear punching a lion in the nuts? Yea, I’d do it to that too.

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