Pink has marriage trouble

After less than a year, Pink and Carey Hart’s marriage is in trouble. They haven’t been able to spend time together because of their careers and the distance is putting a strain on their relationship.

Pink – real name Alecia Moore – has been busy promoting her album ‘I’m Not Dead’, while Carey, 31, is a hugely successful motocross champion, runs a tattoo parlour in Las Vegas and is looking to open up another body art shop in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I’m amazed no one realized something would go wrong after Pink was the one who proposed. If Pink were any more manly, she’d be sweet talking Cary into trying anal “just this once.”

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Gabby & Monica
16 years ago

carey hart u r soooo hott! and u date a ugly stupid skany fat dyke i think AND she has really ugly nasty hair! SHE IS SOOOOO UGLY! u could do WAYYYYYYYY better then that ugly dyke

Gabby & Monica
16 years ago

p.s dykey bitch much???