Lohan a liar? No way!

Lindsay Lohan was reported to be hospitalized yesterday for appendicitis. However, on Wednesday twenty or so friends were going in and out of her apartment after she called in sick with the flu during filming of her new movie I Know Who Killed Me which will halt production until she gets better.

Another spy said she was continuing the “constant party she started on New Year’s.” While celebrating in Miami, Lohan wouldn’t allow bottles of liquor near her where they could be photographed – but Page Six received eyewitness accounts of Lohan drinking vodka out of water bottles.

So much for alcoholics anonymous. I’m not sure if I believe the appendicitis either since scientists agree the liver would be the first organ to go on Lindsay. On a side note, I’m not sure why Vodka is the choice of alcohol for her. It must taste like water by now. If you made her chug everclear she would probably lick her lips and say “Tangy!”

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B :)
B :)
16 years ago

The guy in the background looks like “Tomic” from Bad Girls Club.