Anna Nicole was fashionable till the end

The fight over Anna Nicole Smith’s body is still going on. Howard K. Stern wants Anna buried next to her son in the Bahamas per her wishes, but her mother wants to take Anna back to Texas and Larry Birkhead still wants a DNA test. Amid these arguments comes the fact that Anna became morbid after Daniel died. It prompted her to begin working with a seamstress to make the dress she would be buried in.

Everything you wouldn’t expect to happen has happened in this Anna Nicole show. She’s possibly more famous now than when she was living. Like Picasso, except she was never good at anything besides trading sex for favors. I wanna hear what people are going to say for her eulogy. There’s only so many ways you can dance around the fact that you could have replaced her with a blow-up doll and no one would have noticed.

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