Anna Nicole’s sister cashes in

Donna Hogan, Anna Nicole’s sister, is cashing in on Anna Nicole’s life by writing a tell-all book whose title, “Train Wreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith”, oozes sisterly love. The bitter sounding Donna explains why she’s selling out now.

“Because I was hurt. Because it’s closure for me. Because now she’s gone, and things about her upsetted me. She was selfish. I always respected her, and she always disrespected me. I was struggling. I had to live in a shelter to protect my three kids and I never asked her for nothing. She had four houses and never offered me one to stay in. I bought her a Marilyn Monroe doll and she never bought me a thing. She’d take people who worked for her on shopping sprees to Rodeo Drive and never bring my kids anything. She never once offered me money. Except to try and take my little girl from me. See, even after she had Danny she wanted a girl child desperately. She offered me thousands, but only if I’d give up my baby daughter to her which, of course, I wouldn’t.”

Donna is also an idiot like her sister.

“Well, yeah, I’ve done drugs . . . we’ve both had a wild crazy life . . . both had affairs with women . . . three-way sex . . . kids without husbands . . . and I’m now kind of living with someone . . . And, like her, I worked gentlemen’s clubs. I waitressed. There’s perverts who just want you to get drunk with them. So I’d sit and drink. You could make $2,000 a night.”

“Look, I was offered lots of the same kind of stuff she was, but I just couldn’t do it. I think she had some kind of illness. She did it with all sorts of girlfriends and gay boyfriends. I mean, she gave our father – who molested girls and actually touched me – naked photos of herself. This is a man who got married the day after we buried Vickie.”

Poor, poor Donna didn’t get to sit back and leech off her sister. You have to feel sorry for this girl. Isn’t the American dream to bleed dry some relative who struck gold? Depriving someone of this dream is…is un-American! You might as well wrap Donna up in the American flag and set it on fire and then pee all over it.

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17 years ago

I was waiting for something like that to launch soon

17 years ago

Absolutely PATHETIC…freaks like that should be shot for fun

17 years ago

the family has always tried to get money from anna and anna was smart enough to tell them to go fly a kite. however she made her life she did something right. why couldn’t her family get off their butts and do the same. all families have leeches and people that expect from the ones who have the $$$$. noone deserves to make one cent off anna nicole except for her daughter and that is it!!!!! annas’ video tape says it clearly she wanted nothing to with them .stop trying to make money off of your deceased sister because i… Read more »