Britney Spears is antisocial

Britney Spears booked an entire wing of the Promises rehab center in Mailbu all to herself. The cost is estimated to be in the thousands.

The singer wants to avoid mixing with other patients, according to the paper, but another source says she’s equally concerned about stories being leaked to the media.

Is this girl the last emperor? God forbid someone might want to chat it up with her. And any story leaked to the media can’t be much worse than the rumors of her suicide attempts or that time she overdosed on ecstasy. Unless she starts setting fire to little animals while masturbating, life is looking up.

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17 years ago

Considering the media has been totally up her ass, and nearly everybody she has trusted has now turned on her telling their stories….I really cant blame her for wanting privacy. If she is focused on getting well, I cant blame her for not wanting to be stared at the whole time.

Besides, at least she is spending that kinda of dough on treatment…WHATEVER the extreme….rather than on more substances, or romps she was spending the $$ on!