Splash News sells final footage of Anna Nicole

Splash News has sold footage (not the one shown above) of the final moments of Anna Nicole for $500,000 after a bidding war. The tape shows paramedics administering CPR on Anna Nicole Smith on two separate occasions.

“At one point they kind of started to look like they were going to put the gurney onto the ambulance and they kind of pulled the gurney back out a little bit so they could do a second administering of CPR,” Spinder said.

The two-minute tape, shot from three different angles from a distance of about 50 feet, shows Smith’s sheet-covered body, with an oxygen mask over her face, being taken out of the Hard Rock Hotel by a gaggle of emergency responders, including paramedics and police.

Man, those jerks. Trying to profit off of someone’s death. You’d never see that kind of stuff from yours truly. I’d, like, need a camera crew or something.

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