American Idols fed up with Sanjaya

Websites like and radio personalities like Howard Stern have effectively rendered the votes of die hard American Idol fans useless. It has also left the other American Idol finalists annoyed and angry. TMZ says,

We’re told the “Idols” don’t find it funny, since it’s their future being toyed with. Our source adds that the contestants find it troublesome that they all work so hard to pick the right song and rehearse each week, but it appears that all Sanjaya really has to do to move forward is to show up wearing a scrunchie.

Don’t underestimate the power of the scrunchie. Just yesterday I went bar-hopping wearing one and the ladies were all over me like I was handing out free Tiffany diamonds. Although, I think it had more to do with my bulging muscles and movie star good looks. But the scrunchie totally helped me become more approachable by balancing out all my manliness.

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