Lindsay Lohan is a hippy

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is teaming up with director Chris Silverston again in “Hippy”. The two previously worked together on the dual personality movie “I Know Who Killed Me”. The plot revolves around drugs and crazines; a role that has seemingly been written just for the party animal.

Details on the movie’s plot are scant at this point, but Lohan basically describes it as being about a group of kids taking a cross-country trip when one of them drops acid, goes crazy, ”and starts, like, killing people.”

People still want Lindsay Lohan to be in movies? They should have realized by now acting isn’t Lindsay’s forte. Put a penis in front of her and she’ll show you 101 things to do with it. Put a script in front of her and she’ll give you a confused look, hesitate for a second and then try to snort it.

Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

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