Lindsay Lohan wants to go all out

Lindsay Lohan’s 21st birthday is coming up fast and she plans on celebrating it in Vegas. “I’m going to milk it because it’s a big birthday,” says Lindsay on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. To mark this momentous occasion, for the first time in her life, Lindsay will hit the clubs drink alcohol gamble in the City of Sin. Our little Lindsay has grown up. It feels like just yesterday she was writing rambling letters and attending rehab. That’s all behind her now. Three months behind her.

I don’t know what she has planned for her big birthday bash (which I still haven’t gotten my invite for), but if I know Lindsay, there’ll be a pinata version of Paris Hilton’s huge head hanging from the roof and all the guests will be given a chance to whack it until it breaks. Unfortunately, much like the real Paris Hilton, the only thing that will spill out is dust and maybe a picture of herself and possibly packs of assorted used condoms and an infectious disease. On second thought, this party sucks.

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