Lindsay Lohan loves men

This one is from Star who as you know doesn’t have the greatest track record, but this sounds “fun.” Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been seeing two guys while in rehab. One of which is her personal trainer at the Spectrum Club in Pacific Palisades. A source says, the other is a fellow rehabber Lindsay has since bonded with. They take smoke breaks together, walk together, drink coffee together and eat food prepared by the five star chef at Promises together. That’s all fine and dandy, but what would a Lindsay Lohan story be without her acting slutty? That’s right, boring. Star says,

To top things off, literally, Lindsay was in the pool with her new guy when her bikini top “came off.” LiLo acted like she didn’t know how it happened, says the insider, and he helped her back into it!

But Lindsay was most outrageous in her private bedroom after “lights out” — and it has landed her in major hot water with the Promises staff. Residents are strictly forbidden to entertain members of the opposite sex in their rooms, and staffers check on them regularly.

Around midnight on June 17, Lindsay was caught getting seriously cozy with the hunky patient — wearing nothing but a skimpy, short nightie!

The laughing pair went silent when the staffer walked in. A source reveals “As Lindsay got off her bed, her nightgown rode up. The staffer could see that she was wearing no underwear.”

A short nightie with no underwear? I didn’t know Lindsay Lohan had that much restraint. If this story was at all true, the guy would have walked in mid-donkey punch and Lindsay would have asked him to please choke her with his belt. Because she’s so kinky even Satan would be too freaked out to have sex with her. “You want me to put what where and tickle it how? Uhh, I don’t know. That seems kind of… yea, hey, listen, how about we just cuddle.”

Here’s Lindsay hiking and sporting some pudge.

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16 years ago

She’s a cum-guzzling gutter SLUT!! She won’t think it’s so much fun when she comes down with AIDS!

16 years ago

She’s packing on the pounds…lol! What a gut! Nice freckled skin…gross!