No one likes Posh Spice

Originally intended to be a six part series, Victoria Beckham’s new show, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, has been downgraded to a one hour special airing July 16 on NBC.

The former Spice girl signed a $19 million deal for the series and Simon Fuller, creator of “American Idol,” is one of the executive producers of the show.

Meaning, the show will suck hard. Not one person wants to watch this waif-like E.T. find her place in America. You could fit this into 10 minutes. Look, there’s Victoria Beckham landing at LAX and there’s her exiting the plane. She made it without dying. Congratulations. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to speak to the airline about what happened to the little deal we had to land her plane in an active volcano or somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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15 years ago

Well that a lie because my friends and I love Victoria Beckham and we love the show. People are always hating on her and for no reason at all. Give her a break!! How would you like it if someone was always criticizing your every move and then had enough balls to post something on the internet about it. Thats just plain wrong!!!

13 years ago

Well, I’ll tell you what we want what we really really want……..and it ain’t this.

13 years ago

Please don’t spoil American Idol by putting Posh in place of Paula. Paula is a talented person who knows the music business. What could Posh possibly have to contribute?

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