Kate Hudson was also distraught

When Kate Hudson heard about Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt, she broke down in tears. Hudson was filming her new movie Bachelor No. 2 when she received the news and appeared very distraught.

“She looked upset. She was on the phone, pacing back and forth. Then her handlers came out and she was ushered into a white SUV,” a witness told London Lite.

Are you sure she was upset because of Owen Wilson? Maybe the happy pills wore off and she realized she’s dating Dax Shepherd. That would make any woman’s vagina shrivel. I once saw Dax hit on a woman at a club and her vagina literally ran away. It detached itself, grew legs and ran towards the exit screaming, “Nooooo!” while flailing its little arms in the air.

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16 years ago

Haha, I heard that story too. It happened to a friend who knows a friend who knows another friend of mine!

16 years ago

Well, I would be upset to, It is never fun to hear that someone you once cared for could have died from suicide. Not fun. She does have another man but people still care for other ppl even when they are no longer together. I like Kate Hudson a lot and I like Dax and Owen. I would rather her with someone else all together but she looks happier now with Dax then Owen. Poor guy. But whatever ppl break up all the time, nothing new there. It is not Kate’s fault that Owen did what he did.