Paris Hilton will visit Rwanda

Paris Hilton

Remembering her commitment to excellence after being released from jail, Paris Hilton decided to visit Rwanda in November. Right after she finishes filming Repo! The Genetic Opera. This won’t be a one and done deal though. She’ll also visit other countries “where poverty and children’s issues are a big concern.” The party loving, fence scaling socialite says,

“There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help,” Hilton said of the region.

Usually, I don’t agree with this dumbass, but I think this will benefit everybody. If she doesn’t get killed by a stray bullet from a kid’s AK-47, she’ll most likely stop the genocide. The entire country will unite to drive out this white devil. Because, if you thought Africa had some crazy diseases now, wait until Paris Hilton lands. I heard scientists put a sample of Ebola next to a sample of one of Paris Hilton’s STDs and the Ebola virus ran away screaming, “Dios mío!”

Paris Hilton @ amfAR RocksParis Hilton @ amfAR RocksParis Hilton @ amfAR RocksParis Hilton @ amfAR RocksParis Hilton @ amfAR Rocks

  • Rev

    I wish people would at least use enough of the cheesy “they let you grab them by the pussy” to remind people he was bragging about the things gold diggers let rich guys do.

  • LegalDementia

    Obama was actually a bigger racist than Trump but the “Nobel Prize Winner” is given a free pass by the liberal media and KoolAid drinking Democrats because he was something new and had to be praised and protected because of his color. His administration was racked with corruption (IRS, State Department, DOJ, FBI, NSA, Benghazi coverup, etc.), race relations deteriorated significantly (Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Travon Martin, The Beer Summit, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, etc.) under useless Barry. He gave us Hillary Clinton, hilariously calling her “the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS!” Together they wrecked the Democratic party for years to come and created racial divisions that may never heal. So when an asshole, pseudo-journalist like Erc Karnes calls Trump a racist…you just have to laugh!

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