Prince Harry is a weirdo

News of the World published pictures of Prince Harry snorting vodka through his nose while on vacation with friends in Namibia, fueling speculation that the third in line to the throne is an alcoholic. Meanwhile, medical experts warn that by bypassing the liver, this drinking game may cause allergic reactions leading to long term damage and may even to death.

In the video, pals cheer loudly as Harry slugs a bottle cap of vodka, swills it around his mouth, spits it back into the cap and then snorts it up his nose.

Seconds later, Harry–a 2nd Lieutenant in the Blue and Royals –closes his eyes and shakes his head as the alcohol, shooting straight into his bloodstream, takes effect.

Pictures also show Harry putting a wine glass on his nipple and licking his friend’s nipple. I’m glad that retarded show, Jackass, has influenced people across the world. Natural selection works better that way. It’s only a matter of time before scientists discover tribes in Papua New Guinea nailing their balls to a wild boar with an elephant tusk and doing backflips into bottomless pits while on fire.

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16 years ago

I think you have the names reversed, so to speak – Harry is the nipple-licker, not the guy getting his nipple licked. And the guy with a wine glass on his chest isn’t Harry but his friend.

16 years ago

You got it wrong. Harry is the read headed nipple-lickin freak.