Ivanka Trump wants to have fun

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump admits that being young, blond and looking a certain way (big ta-ta’s) has its advantages. The 26-year-old daughter of real estate powerhouse Donald Trump tells the New York Times,

“and I tell myself, ‘Why not have a little fun with that?’ “

Rich, blond white girls with huge tits always want to go crazy and pose for Playboy or release a sex tape at some point in their lives. It’s genetic I think. This is what I assume Ivanka Trump was talking about and not something benign like scamming a few drinks from men at bars because that would be boring as hell. I want to see her being jackhammered by a black guy, not hear about how some dude bought her a drink, got laughed at and then tried to hang himself in the men’s room.

I’m going to change that picture once I find a better one showing off her “looks”.

  • She looks edible. Like some sort of cream/butter-based snack food.

  • capt. cornhole

    A social commentary; By Capt. Cornhole:

    Ivanka is not following the proper highways and bi-ways that make up the US social community today.

    1)Ma and Pa’s money = non-stop fun on beaches and night clubs
    2)Hot looks = skimpy clothes
    3) Youth = sex, drugs, rehab, (videos and pictures for gods sake), a few DUI’s, exotic cars

    I have no doubt that “THE DONALD” would have a mans legs broke and balls removed for fouling up his daughter. For that matter, he would toss Ivanka back in her cage for another 10 years for having anything close to fun.

    The crux of the matter boils down to money=low morals (I’m confused as to why I don’t have money since I have no morals… but that is another matter.)
    “THE DONALD” doesn’t have morals. So he fits that mold.

    HOWEVER, “THE DONALD” is being a hyocrite. He’s dictating morals to his daughter, while giving her money.
    Therein lies the problem w/ America…hypocrisy!

    ALL THAT BEING SAID…If given half a chance, I would wipe my orange cheese doodle stained hands her ass cheeks while I spread them wide; then I would go about licking her pink cornhole until she got such a case of chapped taint she would go crying to “THE DONALD”.
    Naturally my legs would be broken, but she would have chapped taint and a cheese doodle stains on her ass cheeks.

  • jmflynny

    At 42 years old (and a woman) it’s a bit late to have a teenage crush on some young woman, but…

    Or, then again, maybe it’s just plain ol’ envy I feel.

    I can’t even imagine a life of looking like that, with a Wharton education, an heiress to a genuine fortune.


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