Ivanka Trump wants to have fun

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump admits that being young, blond and looking a certain way (big ta-ta’s) has its advantages. The 26-year-old daughter of real estate powerhouse Donald Trump tells the New York Times,

“and I tell myself, ‘Why not have a little fun with that?’ “

Rich, blond white girls with huge tits always want to go crazy and pose for Playboy or release a sex tape at some point in their lives. It’s genetic I think. This is what I assume Ivanka Trump was talking about and not something benign like scamming a few drinks from men at bars because that would be boring as hell. I want to see her being jackhammered by a black guy, not hear about how some dude bought her a drink, got laughed at and then tried to hang himself in the men’s room.

I’m going to change that picture once I find a better one showing off her “looks”.

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