Lindsay Lohan really likes men

The Daily Mail is at it again with their tantalizing tales of celebrity whoredom. This time it’s about Lindsay Lohan hooking up with three guys in less than 24 hours. Why, you don’t say. Tell me more.

The Mean Girls actress, 21, first met waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio shortly after arriving on the Italian island of Capri for a film festival. The pair exchanged phone numbers at a film showing which the actress attended with Heroes star and friend Hayden Panettiere, 18.

But she dumped her friend shortly afterwards to meet up with, and lock lips with, Di Nunzio. The pair enjoyed a meal together before getting cosy on a hotel sofa together.

But it seems Lohan has a short memory when it comes to romance – the following day she was being whisked away by another Italian hunk, older actor Eduardo Costa. Li-Lo, dressed provocatively in a silver foil mini-dress, listened attentively to Costa’s jokes, but it was not long before she was snogging again. The older man looked like the cat who got the cream after his passionate embrace with the young star who recently reconciled with her father and is said to be leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle.

Her love life is certainly buoyant, as the third of her trio of kisses was another local actor, Dario Faiella. The son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri shared a few intimate moments with the actress, who is also said to be dating the ex-love of troubled pop star Britney Spears – 28-year-old music producer JR Rotem.

The Daily Mail is basically saying Lindsay Lohan is a slut and her vagina is like a revolving door. In other words, the perfect woman. She has big boobs and an insatiable appetite for sex. Women like this should be celebrated not shunned. In fact, I’m going to erect a statue for her right now. In my pants. Heh heh heh. Hand me my chisel.

I personally like the third guy, Dario Faiella. He looks like an intense caveman. But, here’s Alessandro Di Nunzio instead.

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16 years ago

Hey Lindsay,how much for a BJ?

16 years ago

When I worked for Septembre Magazine in Turino and Croatia, Lindsay did an appearance in Milano and she was loving all the NSE attention she could get. She has a very Central European outlook on these hookups, which is a good thing. She did the tour with fitness model Dawn Psaltis (, who as the pictures show can wear a thong with the best of them! Viva Italia, Lilo!!

the wolf
the wolf
16 years ago

I often wondered what I had to do to garner the attention of female celebrities. After careful study, I now realize that I need to be over 50 or put an end to personal grooming.