Britney Spears still with paparazzo

Despite having sold pictures of a pant-less Britney Spears to an Australian magazine, Britney still has a fondness for her photog bff Adnan Ghalib. In fact, the two drove down to Rosarito Beach, Mexico for a quick vacation on Wednesday. According to The Insider,

The two were seen there shopping late yesterday and cruising around in Britney’s black Cadillac Escalade.

And this is why Britney is a moron. You could sit her down and explain to her why all the choices she’s made in her life so far have been bad ones. She’ll nod her head all the way through and you’ll think she understands. Until the end when she starts talking about The Jetsons and asks if they’ve invented robot maids yet and if so, can she get one to wipe her chins while she’s eating? At that point you just want to smack her, but you don’t because you’re afraid she might actually become dumber. Is that even possible? Who knows. Let’s just try it and see.

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