Lindsay Lohan has no money

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is broke. Friends of the actress say she’s been asking them for spending money. However, Lindsay doesn’t seem worried since she ran up a $736 bar tab in one night in Capri and is being paid to promote a quit-smoking lozenge. Gatecrasher says,

A separate source tell us Ariva – the quit-smoking tobacco lozenge she has been unofficially promoting – paid her a sum in the mid-five figures this week. Officially, Ariva reps have denied it is paying Lohan – possibly because of all the recent paparazzi pics of her smoking.

Lindsay and I have to brainstorm. What can we do to earn money? Hmm, this is tough. What marketable skills does Lindsay have? Actress? Nah. Food connoisseur? Maybe if penis was a delicacy. Whore? Damn, can’t do that either. She puts out for free already. Alcoholic? Is that a profession? Argh, I’m out of ideas. This “thinking” stuff is hard. My brain hurts.

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