Edison Chen is killing the server

Edison Chen

The server is being slow because it’s being hit with an insane amount of traffic all thanks to this guy. I’m trying to fix it asap by putting in two more hamsters and two more hamster wheels. If you want an update on this whole thing, the HK police arrested four to six people in connection in the Edison Chen picture scandal. However, a mysterious man named Kira has leaked around 300 photos and promises a video will be released tomorrow or today with 600 more photos.

Rumor: video will coming out soon, and also the 4th pic is fake
32 mins video of E & G.
Coming out soon.
believe it or not.
I am not in hk , so i dun give a sh*t.
the 4th pic is fake, she is a Jap AV
here u are
the video clip is in media”s hands,
the co-worker alrdy got the copies,
cannot get thu it now, be patient just wait

This sounds pretty ominous. More ominous than the time my friend dressed up as a ghost and told me I was going to die as I was coming out of the bathroom. Eeek! What did you do to my silk sheets!

Update: Oh, look and here are all the pictures. It’s like a little flip book.