Police find 1,000 more sex photos of Edison Chen

Edison Chen

As part of their ongoing investigations, Hong Kong police discovered 1,000 new sex photos complete with videos of three new celebrities on Edison Chen’s surrendered computers. This news follows a second round of questioning in regards to the sex “scandal” that effectively killed the careers of the celebrities involved.

Gillian Chung, probably the biggest female star implicated in the mess, has been turning down job offers because of the negative criticism levied by the public. Unlike Edison’s apology, the general public didn’t think much of Gillian’s where she said she was naive and in love.

I have to assume that Kira only released the photos because it was Chinese New Year and that he/she plans to unleash another set of photos before the Olympics begin. I remain hopeful that my theory is validated and that we’ll see more scary, untrimmed bush in the near future.