Adriana Lima might get engaged

Adriana Lima

Marko Jaric of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been dating Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima for the past six months and may be thinking about marriage. Marko says rumors of him shopping for a wedding ring have been greatly exaggerated, not that he isn’t seriously considering it.

“I am not shopping right now,” Jaric, 29, tells PEOPLE. “But I could start tomorrow. I am that close. I’m definitely not yet engaged, but it doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about it.”

“I was not the person to fall in love easily. I am a difficult person from that standpoint,” he says. “Now, it’s a little different situation.”

Adriana has long professed her virginity and maintains that she won’t lose it until after she’s married. Which makes this as good a reason as any for Marko to wed. Sounds easy actually. Other models want it all before they’ll willingly sleep with you. Romantic dinners, trips to Paris and drinks not mixed with GHB. Very high maintenance. If all it took to bang a supermodel was a ring and ceremony, I’d have had sex with twice as many models as I’ve already had. What’s two times zero? Carry the one… is it five? It’s five isn’t it? Oh my god, I’m awesome.

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