Amanda Overmyer has naked pictures

Every year a contestant from American Idol has a sex tape or naked pictures. This year is no different. Well, it’s kind of different. The girl, who’s rumored to have nude pics is Amanda Overmyer. Do not want!

Amanda Overmyer nude photos are being shopped according to a breaking report from the National Enquirer. The American Idol hopeful would not be the first Idol to be exposed online in a photos scandal, but it appears that she has someone from her home state of Indiana shopping the pictures to the tabloids and they are reportedly asking for serious cash for the alleged pictures of the the would be rocker. It has not been confirmed that there are any photos out there just yet.

If anyone finds these pictures, burn or shift+delete them. My penis and I both agree, having a naked, ugly chick from American Idol pop up during an intimate night with Google search really ruins the moment.

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The Blemish's Penis
The Blemish's Penis
13 years ago

I agree with him! Burn the witch!