Paris ate it, now 30% more awesome

A couple more pictures of Paris Hilton eating the floor have popped up. You can tell how much Benji Madden cares for her as he attempts to boot her in the face until he realizes the paparazzi are around. He decided against it and instead, he dragged her lifeless carcass outside. What a gentleman.

A bunch of people are hoping there’s video of this, but so far, nothing. Although, the real travesty here isn’t the lack of footage, it’s that Paris’ face didn’t reach terminal velocity before hitting the ground. Screw you physics!

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

she totally looks like she’s goobling his knob in that second picture.
And he’s totally pushing her away…like “yo bitch we got company!”

Upon reflection…you must have the pictures reversed!

He’s getting a Paris hummer, gets caught, then slaps her down and walks out the door.
The 3rd and “money shot” would the $20 he throws on the ground as the door shuts.