Britney Spears was in an accident

Initially, Britney’s dad, Jamie, wouldn’t let her drive at all. Two weeks ago, OK! Magazine reported that Jamie made a compromise and gave her permission to drive around the block. It seems Jamie relented even more and has let Britney drive anywhere she wants. It seems the decision may have been a little premature. Late Saturday while driving in her 2008 Mercedes in stop-and-go traffic, Britney hit a 2006 Nissan, pushing it forward into another car.

No damage was noted to any of the vehicles. The CHP took a report and no one was cited.

If I was Britney’s conservator, I wouldn’t even give her a big wheel. For two reasons. One, because Britney sucks at driving. Given enough time she would eventually hit an old lady, crash into a police cruiser as she attempted to flee and somehow the big wheel would catch fire. Two, because Britney pedaling a big wheel is hazardous to her health. Her heart would explode from exertion before she even made it out of her gated community. And the only reason she made it out is because she lived uphill.

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Kelley Anderson
Kelley Anderson
13 years ago

It’s really sad that someone with so much potential has decided to throw her life away. I hope the powers that be decide to keep her in a controlled environment until she can live a life conducive for child care. At this point, it isn’t her career that matters. It’s those babies without their mama. Britney needs to realize that when you’re a mom, your life revolved around your kids, not the other way around.

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