Jessica Simpson is playful

D Magazine snapped a few pictures of Tony Romo’s 28th birthday celebration at Suite. An exclusive nightspot! Since Romo plays for the Cowboys, a blue, star-shaped No. 9 cake was chosen for this particular occasion. How delightfully original! But the antics didn’t stop there. Girlfriend Jessica Simpson was on hand to feed Tony cake and lick it off his face.

“She licked cake from his face as everyone cheered them on. It was quite a spectacle,” says one club insider. “But they looked really happy together. Jessica had blue icing all over her hands and mouth and Tony was laughing.”

Sometimes I can’t relate to celebrities. I would sock you if you did this to my cake. It’s like, oh, you’re so funny. You fisted my $100 cake and smeared it on my face. Haha. That’s great. I wasn’t planning on putting it in the fridge so I could finish it later or anything. Haha. You’re too much. Hey, you know what else is funny? Concussions. Here. Have one.

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