Kim Kardashian removes her cellulite

On this weeks episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we found out that walking around with an ass like Kim’s comes at a high price and that price is cellulite. However, as we soon discovered, there is a cure, albeit a temporary one, for this dreaded affliction. It involves having your ass oiled up by a hot chick and having her run a vacuum cleaner over your thighs and stomach. Mmm. Who knew ass repair could be so sexy?

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I’ve got a method for getting rid of cellulite. Not sure it works any better than what she’s using now, but I would feel better afterwards.

I would go for the whole rub her ass with oil thing. Then pump my meat into her cornhole, after she gets relaxed, pull out and cum on her ass and thighs. Rub the spunk into the affected areas with a cotton ball using a small circular motion in the opposite directtion to the rotation of the earth.

cutie pie
12 years ago

her azz is fake i dont care whatb lie she tells… like she aint never lied before… reggie run for the border quick.. i bet he can do it to all those females in her nasty family1

cutie pie
12 years ago

her butt looks so fake and it only protrudes in tight dresses ,, butt pads plus i saw pictures of her years ago and she didnt have that bbutt.. so fake!!!1

capt cornhole
capt cornhole
12 years ago

I’ve seen more ass than a pair of levi’s. Plus I’ve seen just about every picture of her ass.
It’s real. It’s all fat. But it’s real.

Look at any “big boned” gal on the street. She’s got ass for days. just like washboard ab’s on a guy is genetic, a big ass on a woman is genetic.

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