What’s a Burma?

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians posted a mock PSA on Kim’s website regarding the situation in Burma. The whole video is obviously scripted and done in a way to highlight the collective stupidity of the Kardashians while at the same time attempting to teach people about Burma. Sadly, it failed miserably.

Kim starts by asking what the the benefit is for. “Burping?” “Not burping, Burma,” says Khloe. Kim then says she was kidding and that “I wrote my whole thesis on Burma. It’s a terrible situation over there.” At the end Khloe asks Kim if she really wrote her thesis on Burma and Kim responds, “What’s a thesis? I’m totally kidding.”

While offensive to some, I find this intellectually and physically stimulating. I learned a lot about the Kardashians like how they’re vapid whores and how Kim’s ass looks banging in that green dress. And also a little about burping, I mean, Burma. Tee-hee. Tomorrow they should make a video about that guy who locked his wife daughter and kids in the basement and quip about how tragic it is that they’re so far behind the latest fashion trends. I think it would be really touching. Video below.

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