Cameron Diaz is mad

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz argued with staff at an Abercromie & Fitch store when they wouldn’t provide her with a shirt that had “Jesus Goat” printed on it. The staff said she couldn’t have it because it was the last one. Diaz got pissed and called them “dick fiends.”

The best part of this story is when they threw the shirt over her face and pushed her into a wall and fractured her jaw, forever damning her to a life of silence. Of course, that didn’t happen, but it makes you wonder, maybe it should have.

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12 years ago

Honestly, for a store to refuse to sell an item because it is the last one is a stupid policy.

12 years ago

It totally makes me laugh that from now on there will be some poor lonely soul trying to Google some porn who will put in Dick Fiend and will bring up this funny Cameron Diaz story.

Go Cammie!
Go Cammie!
12 years ago

I Have to agree with Eric, to not sell the last t-shirt is a stupid, stupid policy…the store manager probably had it “on hold” for themselves.
But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t offer to call up another store and get the shirt for her, this story therefore, sounds made up…
But then again it’s A.F… Their s**t is being sold all over Vietnam, being stolen from the sweat-shop where it’s made. Cheap Bastards.
GO CAMMIE!!!! :)

12 years ago

so effing WHAT if they wouldn’t sell it. It’s CAMERON EFFING DIAZ. Go to another store you snobby bitch, instead of yelling at some retail twerp who probably gets minimum wage, and whose only bright spot in a month is a free effing shirt with ‘Jesus Goat’ on it. She’s such a hosebeast.

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