Christina Applegate’s boyfriend found dead

Christina Applegate’s boyfriend, Lee Grivas, was found dead from a heroin overdose on July 1. Shocking. Christina Applegate has had a boyfriend? The National Enquirer writes:

A source close to Grivas told The National Enquirer: “Lee also had a long history of drug problems, dating back to his teen years. Christina broke up with him a number of times because of his struggles with getting clean. She loved him, but couldn’t stand by and watch him ruin his life.”

After the lovers reunited in April, Grivas left Christina in a last-ditch bid to get sober, according to the source.

“Christina loved Lee dearly and even dreamed of starting a family with him,” the insider told The National Enquirer.

I couldn’t, rather, I was too lazy to find a picture of Christina and Lee so here’s a somewhat related photo of Christina at the Over Her Dead Body premiere. What? Why are you giving me that look?

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