Lauren Conrad sucks

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the star of the scripted reality show, The Hills. She’s found fame amongst teenage girls and bored 20-somethings. However, apart from those people, nobody likes her. Case in point. Her neighbors. They hate having to live next to her. Radar interviewed a few of them and quickly found out they’d rather her ass move out.

Some neighbors are so displeased that they’ve brought up zoning issues concerning the legality of Audrina’s guest house. Neighborhood residents we spoke to also complained of paparazzi violence, dangerous traffic, vandalism, production-vehicle parking violations, and the interruption of Internet service for as long as 72 hours when MTV wirelessly transmits the show as they shoot. MTV and the city of Los Angeles have offered up some solutions, and Daddy Conrad has stepped in to help, but residents say they’re not doing enough.

It’s just not normal people who dislike her though, so do celebrities like soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. At LA club Kress, Cristiano was out with some friends when Lauren came up to him and asked for a picture. He refused and asked his friend who she was.

‘Cristiano turned to his friend and said in his heavy Portugese accent: ‘Who is this woman?’

‘Lauren was mortified. She told her friends she couldn’t believe he’d talk to her like that. Worse still, she couldn’t believe he didn’t know who she is.

‘She walked away in a really bad mood.’

In spite of the ego check, Lauren Conrad is still turning into a diva.

Conrad was flown to East Hampton by chopper and paid to host a party at Lily Pond for Svedka’s “Join the Party” campaign, but she showed up two hours late. “She seems to have lost a grip on reality and thinks she is A-list material,” said our source. “And after taking pictures, she bolted straight to the VIP area and refused to speak to anyone outside her entourage.”

My favorite part of this story was how everybody hates Lauren Conrad and how a hunky soccer star won’t even take a picture with her. Why, if I was Lauren, I’d be hurling myself out of a third floor window right about now. Heh heh heh.

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