Lindsay Lohan was gay with Courtney Semel

Samantha Ronson wasn’t Lindsay Lohan’s first female lover a source tells News of the World. Months before Ronson, Lindsay was with Courtenay Semel and even shared a place together (some evidence to their relationship here). At the time, Lindsay was confused about her sexuality and never went public as she did with Samantha for fear of ruining her career. Allegedly, when Lindsay was with Semel, she would bang a lot of dudes and snort a lot of coke in an attempt to “suppress her urges”.

“But eventually she just gave in and at every party they’d kiss and touch each other in the corner. It’s a miracle nobody found out.

“Both of them would do lines of cocaine in the toilets then head home and fall into bed together.”

Lindsay’s relationship with both Semel and Ronson devolved into a warped love triangle before Semel, tired of the men Lindsay kept bringing home, moved out and Ronson became her true love.

Hollywood seems fun. The only love triangle I ever had was a heart I drew on a valentine that sort of looked like a triangle. It didn’t lead to bi-sexuality and coke fueled orgies though. It was more stifled laughter which turned into frenzied pointing and ear shattering guffaws. I wish I could just forget yesterday.

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