Britney Spears was in Vegas

Britney Spears hit up Vegas over the Labor Day weekend and romped around poolside in a bikini. She didn’t look too bad. Does this mean she’ll have some sort of “comeback” skit or performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 7? Maybe. If it goes as well as last time, then it should be great.

Although, reports say she’s not going to perform so she might only be presenting. Still, I have no doubt she’ll mess up a task as simple as reading lines from a teleprompter. Hopefully the camera will get a closeup on Britney as she mouths the words to herself before reading them out loud. That way we can all laugh at her in unison.

P.S. Posting comments is intermittent at the moment. Still trying to fix that.

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Bulge Head
12 years ago

Is that guy standing behind her re-hydrating himself for a purpose? Now that really would be a money shot. Something must have gone on because in most of the other shots that follow she’s adjusting her pants. What happened, did the paps fall asleep on the job and miss the action?

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