Lindsay Lohan did stuff over the weekend

Lindsay Lohan

If you weren’t aware, Lindsay Lohan has an amazing rack. Here she is showing it off at Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2009 Fashion Show; a day before she showed them off at the MTV VMAs. Just don’t ask me who that little boy sitting next to her is because I have no clue. My guess is he’s from the Make A Wish Foundation and his dying wish was to sit next to a girl with big tits. He and I are a lot alike.

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Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

wow. they hate lilo because she has freckles, but feel less guilty about they’re hatred cause she’s a lesbian. and just because a black man finds her attractive they love her just to prove that they’re better than a black man.

12 years ago

She looks pretty together on these photos. Almost respectable even. Holy crap, she IS a good actress after all! Who knew?

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