Lindsay Lohan’s Punch Out

Lindsay Lohan tripped over a metal barricade outside The Bowery Hotel in NYC on Sunday night. Her first reaction was to punch a paparazzi in the face because she thought they had tripped her. On the phone at the time, Lindsay told the person on the other end, “Oh my God, I just hit a paparazzi.” Police arrived, but no charges were filed.

I’m not condoning violence against women, but if police weren’t going to charge her or arrest her, the paparazzi should have punched her back. Really hard. Although with all the cameras, maybe a better idea would be to grab Lindsay’s hands and make her hit herself with them while saying, “Why are you hitting yourself? Huh, Lindsay? Why are you hitting yourself?” The only thing the police would do after reviewing the tape is look at Lindsay perplexed and ask, “Well young lady, why were you hitting yourself?”

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12 years ago

LOL~ I think a good smack on her face would do her some good…. along with Paris, and a few others.

Stupid Famous People
12 years ago

We have some exclusive videos of this incident in NYC and we’ve posted them on youtube for everyone to enjoy — — check out Lindsay Lohan paparazzi punch, and also the Samantha Ronson’s mother video. They’re awesome! And feel free to embed them in any future posts if you’d like to share them with your readers. Cheers! ~Stupid Famous People~

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