You’ll get to read about Lauren Conrad soon enough

Lauren Conrad

Not only do you get to watch Lauren Conrad in the confusingly popular reality show, The Hills, but you’ll soon have a chance to read a fictionalized account of her life. Conrad has signed on to write “a three-book series of young adult fiction for HarperCollins.” The story centers around an ordinary girl who ends up becoming a reality tv star (it’s a profession now). The first book in the series is set to be released in the summer of 2009.

While the book will be “definitely influenced by my [Lauren’s] own life,” there are no plans to write about those of her friends. Lauren explains, “Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life, but it is in no way calling anyone out.” Like that character with the fake tits and frighteningly dull personality with the douchebag boyfriend whose sole purpose in life is to pimp her out like a cheap trick? Yea, she’s symbolic.

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