Ashley Olsen can’t take it

Ashley Olsen is fed up with the paparazzi and have called them out for being too aggressive. The 22-year-old 5’1” celebrity says it’s hard for her to escape the flashbulbs because of her troll-like build. Have you seen her walk? It’s like she has no knees.

“Honestly, I’m a wreck, Every time I see a camera, I’m a wreck. I don’t tend to react as though ‘I have to do this, it’s my job.’ I am reacting as a woman who is five-foot-one whose space is being invaded by a bunch of men whose aggression I can literally feel.”

In L.A. it is even worse because they are running red lights behind you, and I worry all the time about something terrible happening, someone getting hurt because of me, how I could ever possibly live with that. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have kids in the back seat and have to go through this and pretend for their sake that you are not scared.”

To make matters worse, whenever Ashley screams in her 12-year-old voice for the photogs to stop, they all start cooing. It’s hard to be threatening when right after your verbal assault people go, “Aww, how cute. Is poor wittle baby mad? Does baby want her bottle?”

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