Aubrey O’Day was kicked out for a reason

Danity Kane is a band manufactured by Puff Daddy or something and Aubrey O’Day and a girl named D. Woods were kicked out of said band by Puff on Tuesday night. Puffy explained that he didn’t like the image Aubrey was giving the group and that her whorishness was alienating young fans. Which is foolishness, really. Who else will teach our youth about period sex? Who else will let our children know that bestiality isn’t just for sexual deviants anymore? Puff is making a big mistake. Fans will never be able to relate to the remaining members. People don’t even know their names. Granted, people didn’t even know Aubrey’s name either, but at least when someone referred to “that big whore in Danity Kane” we’d know exactly who they were talking about.

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