Aubrey O’Day Claims She Got Donald Trump Jr. So High Off ‘Obama Kush’ He ‘Projectile Vomited’

Aubrey O’Day has so many Donald Trump Jr. stories, you can bet. This one is good.

O’Day tweeted that she got Trump Jr. so high in LA once that he “projectile vomited” his chicken all over the bathroom sink. Even better, it was off “Obama Kush.”

O’Day tweeted:

“I need to put this together in one tweet now that the #RNCConvention2020 reminded me! I got
so high one night in la that he projectile vomited chicken in the bathroom sink all night. what I just remembered is the joint we smoked was Obama Kush.

The two allegedly had an affair in 2011 while Trump Jr. was still married. O’Day says she was madly in love with him. If she’d played her cards right, she could’ve been the First Lady in 2024.

Here’s O’Day lately, since you’ve probably not heard here name in years.

Can you imagine O’Day as First Lady? I can.

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