Is Lindsay Lohan breaking up or engaged

Over the past couple of days, there have been two conflicting reports regarding the status Lindsay and Samantha Ronson’s relationship. Which one is right? You guys must be on pins and needles!

The Daily Mail claimed yesterday that Lindsay and Sam got into an argument and are now on the verge of a breakup. Sam is reportedly afraid Lindsay might have slipped back into the party girl habit and wants her to step away from the limelight. She also didn’t appreciate how obsessive Lindsay’s been over her and at times has felt she is being smothered.

Meanwhile, MTV News UK, says Samantha proposed to Lindsay during their trip in Mexico.

The couple were said to be having dinner by the beach when a waiter came over to the table and revealed a diamond ring which had been hidden beneath a silver tray.

A source who witnessed the proposal at the £1,500 a night hotel the girls were staying at has said “It was a gorgeous ring with a big diamond”

I don’t know which of these reports if any are true, but I refuse to believe Samantha proposed to Lindsay in such a cliched way. Don’t lesbians have any originality? Sam should have gotten her drunk and hid the diamond in her lobster. The next day when Lindsay’s writhing in agony as the ring tears through her intestine, Sam should go, “You know that pain you feel? It’s love. In the form of a diamond ring. Will you marry me?” Just don’t expect Lindsay to reply, “Yes, yes, a million times, yes!,” right away.

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