Kim Kardashian needs your approval

In hopes of proving people wrong and generating more pageviews, Kim Kardashian posted a bikini shot of her stacked at age 14 to defend against the claims that she’s had plastic surgery.

This is a picture of me when I was about 14 years old in a bikini. I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old! So one day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids. Until then I rely on a great supportive bra! LOL!

All the butt implant rumors are just so not true and now just silly to me. I have answered dozens of times “no I do not have butt implants,” but people just don’t seem to want to believe it!

That’s pretty impressive, but I have a strange feeling Chris Hansen is frothing at the mouth right now, waiting for his chance to come to my house and ask me a few questions. Still, no way is this Kim at 14. Her head looks 14, but her body looks 24. I may have to examine this further to see if this all checks out. In the name of science. Also, laff at the first comment.

beautiful picture. but I’ve been wondering since people have been talking about it so much.. why you only dates blacks boys.

Kim is already digging through her photo album trying to find a picture of her with a non-black guy at age 16. In a bikini of course.

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12 years ago

I believe you Kim, I mean who on the face of the earth wants to have this junk following her every where . And you have to wrap it up everyday so you can fit it into something. Come on Kim , you got to have a plastic surgery to get rid of some of it. Makes you look like 60 yrs old women.

12 years ago

Screw the haters, Kim. Keep that gorgeous ass just the way it is.

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