Scarlett Johansson still doesn’t understand

Back in 2006, Lindsay Lohan was a raging, pantiless crackhead screwing everything in site and had more white powder up her nose than Santa Claus when he fell off his sleigh. It was during this downward spiral that Lindsay asked another guest at the Dark Room in New York for a Sharpie so she could scrawl, “Scarlett is a cunt,” on the bathroom wall. Scarlett Johansson remembers the incident to this day and is still confused as to what started this feud. In an interview with Allure, Johansson ponders:

“I don’t know what the motivation was. I remember it was something really vulgar – I mean shockingly so, like, ‘Whoa, what, who are you?’ “I don’t really know that person. I only met her, like, three times.”

Many chalk it up to professional jealousy. Lindsay may have beat Scarlett out for the lead in The Parent Trap but Scarlett ended up the eventual winner in life. Although there were rumors of Scarlett’s rampant whoredom circulating through Hollywood, she kept it classy. Lindsay, on the other hand, decided to be a club scene fixture, drinking the nights away, using eight balls as nasal decongestant and flashing her vadge. Scarlett married Ryan Reynolds and has a blossoming career. Lindsay turned lesbian to become Samantha Ronson’s girlfriend and has no career. As you can plainly see, it’s point, set and match, Scarlett.

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