Jodie Sweetin called out on her parenting

Jodie Sweetin

You know you’re an unfit mother when… your estranged husband calls an emergency hearing to take custody of your baby away from you citing the time you drove drunk with him in the car. Which is what happened to Jodie Sweetin.

During the hearing, a doctor testified that Jodie had fallen off the wagon but kept in contact with her sponsor. He admitted that the baby isn’t at risk at the moment. As a result, the judge ordered Jodie be supervised at all times when she’s with the kid. I guess it didn’t help much that Jodie was a meth addict / alcoholic who lived with her parents.

Aww shucks, don’t be such a worry wart. It’s not like she’s going to drown the baby in the bathtub. Not now anyway. Oh, you ruin everything Judge McDowner.

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