Keri Russell sort of nude in Details?

keri russell details lg 03

Keri Russell did a daring photoshoot for the December issue of Details leaving little to the imagination. I commend Keri for her commitment to the photographer’s vision no matter how pervy it may have been. More actresses should follow her lead. If a photographer wants you to wear a white top with sheer panties and sit in a tub of water, don’t ask why he’s taking his pants down or where the camera is, just believe in him and his message of hope. I’m talking to you Jessica Alba.

For some reason they airbrushed the finished photos a little. You can see… something more… in the smaller pics. As always, click through for the uncensored NSFW version.

keri russell details sm 01keri russell details sm 02keri russell details sm 03keri russell details sm 04keri russell details sm 05keri russell details lg 01keri russell details lg 02keri russell details lg 03keri russell details lg 04

  • the man from amsterdam

    oh jezus, poor guy. thats no way to live. i hope his knob is normal now.

  • Gerry Rafael

    Man, you´re sick. What vagina? You obviously don´t know much about pussies.

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