“Arrested Development” is on

Jeffrey Tambor gives the thumbs up

According to George Bluth Sr., Jeffrey Tambor, at a recent Upright Citizens Brgade performance, Michael Cera is no longer holding out which means the Arrested Development movie is a go. Tambor vowed, “If I have to call him up and say, ‘Get on set right now, young man,’ he’ll be there.” Jeffrey continued, “The movie is going to happen this year, and Michael Cera is on board. Trust me.” Granted, Tambor has been confirming the movie for a while now, but whatever. I believe him this time. Just like every other time.

Arrested Development is awesome and this is going to happen whether Michael Cera likes it or not. The cast will drag him kicking and screaming by his hair if they have to. If all else fails, I will personaly chain him to the back of my car and drive him on set and shout for him to “Act, you whiny bitch!” from behind Ron Howard.

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