Kristin Cavallari dresses well

Kristin Cavallari @ Hyde

Judging by Kristin Cavallari’s attire, some may be led to believe that Club Hyde threw her a 80’s Lycra themed 22nd birthday party yesterday. That was not the case. Well, it was the case, but for the purposes of this post, that will not be the case. You see, Kristin Cavallari is utterly obnoxious and I wanted to highlight that fact with her spastic, attention whoring outfit, but, um, I just said it was a themed party, didn’t I? Dammit. This post isn’t going as planned. Think fast. What to do, what to do. Hey, what’s that behind you?

kristin cavallari hyde 01kristin cavallari hyde 02kristin cavallari hyde 03kristin cavallari hyde 04kristin cavallari hyde 05

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