Mickey Rourke hooked up with Bai Ling

Mickey Rourke was at Chateau Marmont with Sean Penn and Penn’s wife when Bai Ling “accosted” him. Page Six says Rourke didn’t mind and the two “made out and partied pretty hard.” Pretty fitting when you think about it. Rourke is the male equivalent of a Bai Ling. Just with a lot more talent and a little less eccentric style of dress.

In related news, Mickey Rourke denied rumors that he used HGH or other sports drugs to bulk up for The Wrestler. It all started with a quote from his interview in Men’s Journal where he said, “When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler.” Rourke, however, concedes, “I did some stuff. You wouldn’t classify it as steroids, but I did some heavy duty supplements … but not the regular stuff.” A lot of supplements do have stuff like nanodrone which is basically a steroid. So, whatever. I’m sticking with the rumor Mickey Rourke did steroids. Who cares though. It’s not like he’s winning gold medals in the Olympics. He’s sucking face with Bai Ling. It’s expected someone would need drugs to do that.

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14 years ago

it’s probably been awhile for him
i’m glad he’s getting some… ass and recognition