Pete Wentz wants his say

Pete Wentz is the latest celebrity to defend Jessica Simpson against everyone calling her a fatty. Pete offered up a perfect Hallmark moment.

“I think that the media puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general, and I think it’s a bummer,” the Fall Out Boy told Extra from the NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash in Tampa, Florida Thursday, when asked about Simpson’s new curves.

“It’s bad for young women,” Wentz added. “I see it affecting young girls who come to our shows, and that’s a bummer.”

The bassist continued: “Real beauty is on the inside, man.”

Pete should tell Ashlee that “real beauty is on the inside” since she’s the same girl who got her nose done because everyone kept making fun of her. Plus, when was the last time you saw a celebrity dating a “full figure” chick. Never. Does that mean only celebrities think fat girls are ugly inside and out? Probably. Wow, turns out Pete is a real asshole.

Here’s Jessica performing yesterday in leather.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

pete wentz need to put his ass-tampons in his mouth.

15 years ago

“Little Petey” will get his, believe me! I really have nothing against Jessica; she’s perfectly predictable! It’s Tony I’m poking here!