Lily Allen attacked with snowballs by six kids

Six kids were arrested in London for relentlessly pegging Lily Allen with snowballs. Earlier in the day, Allen was seen playing in the snow and even joking with the paps. However, things turned ugly in the afternoon when kids began throwing snowballs at Lily. She took it in stride at first, but was forced to call the police and flee with her bodyguard after the snowball fight turned into a “vicious brawl.” One man was beaten up in the scuffle. Witnesses said:

“She took it in good spirits at first but it got more relentless. Some people told the gang to stop before people started squaring up to them. As she was going down the hill it kicked off and her bodyguard stepped in.”

Too bad Paris Hilton was back in LA. She probably wouldn’t even have been able to step out of her $3 million London house without being pelted in the head. Although, Paris should be used to balls flying at her face by now so she probably wouldn’t even flinch.

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